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Здесь я собрала задания для тренировки CAE review. Эти задания взяты из:
Handbook for Teachers,
демо-версий с сайта Cambridge English,
Cambridge English: Advanced (Past Papers) 1-3
Advanced Trainer 1.

Эти задания я использую на своих занятиях и для разработки курсов.

Условно получилось 4 категории:

  • Holidays and Travel,
  • Technology and Products,
  • Films, Theatre, Books, TV,
  • Music.

Пример рецензии на балл ‘Pass’ и критерии оценивания вы найдете в этом посте. Более подробно про оценивание рассказывают вебинары от Cambridge English ‘How are Cambridge English Writing papers marked?‘и ‘How is the CAE Advanced Writing paper is assessed’.

Рекомендуемый объем текста 220-260 страниц, больше написать можно, если позволяет время и все по теме.

Holidays and Travel

1. Send us a review of an exhibition being held in your city or town. What can international visitors expect to see at the exhibition? What might they learn from it? In what way is the exhibition superior to similar ones you have seen?

2. A travel website has asked you to write a review of a holiday resort you have been to, explaining what kinds of people the resort is likely to appeal to, and which aspects of the resort you would most recommend to other visitors. You should also suggest at least one way in which you feel the resort could be improved.

3. You have recently been on an activity holiday and decide to write a review of the holiday for a travel magazine. In your review, describe the particular activity holiday, and evaluate to what extent it met your expectations and whether you would encourage other people to try this kind of holiday.

4. A website has asked users to write reviews of unusual leisure they have tried. Your review should describe what the activity was, commenting on how far it met your expectations. You should also explain what kind of person might find this activity particularly enjoyable.

5. If you’ve been on an outdoor activity holiday, then we’d love to hear from you. Maybe you went horse riding, rock climbing or windsurfing, for example. Write a review for your website evaluating the location, facilities and activities, and explaining why you would, or wouldn’t, recommend it to other holidaymakers.

6. A travel website has asked readers to submit a review of a tourist destination that they have visited. The review should discuss both positive and negative aspects of the destination and should also suggest ways in which it could be made more attractive to tourists.

7. A sports website has asked for reviews of sports facilities in your area. Write a review of some sports facilities you have used.
Your review should explain who the facilities are most suitable for and describe your own experiences of using them. You should also recommend at least one way in which these facilities could be improved.

Technology, products

8. With so much choice nowadays, it can be hard for consumers to make the right decisions. Send us a review of two similar products that you have bought, explaining what the products were, saying why you decided to buy each product, and comparing the performance of these products.

9. A website has asked readers to write reviews of videos that ordinary people have posted online. You decide to write a review comparing two videos, one that you enjoyed and one that you don’t
Your review should briefly describe each of the videos and should explain why one was good and the other was not.

Have you bought a new product recently, or had one bought for you? Maybe you’ve just got a new gadget or piece of technology or equipment. It could be something for work or leisure. We’d like to hear what you think of it for our Readers’ Reviews Page. Describe the product for readers and give your opinion on it. Do you recommend to? If so, why? If not, why not?

11. An electronic magazine has asked for reviews of apps that readers have used. Write a review for the magazine in which you briefly describe the functions of an app you use, commenting on the its strengths and weaknesses.

12. A car-sharing scheme has been running in your are for six months. You decide to write a review of the scheme for an English-language magazine. You should briefly explain how the scheme works in your are, and evaluate the advantage and disadvantages of such schemes in general.

13. A website has asked readers for reviews of new software applications. Write a review of an application that you have used. Your review should comment on what special about the software. It should also explain who might find the software most useful or appealing and why. You review should suggest one way in which the software could be improved.

Books, Theatre, Films, TV

14. You see this ad on a community noticeboard.
New Book Group
We need your help to compile a reading list of book titles for our new book group! So far, we have 20 members; men and women ranging in age from 17 to 58. Please send us your review of a novel that you think will appeal to our group members giving reasons for your choice. Thank you.

15. An international arts magazine has asked readers to send in reviews of live theatre performances they have attended. Write a review of a play or other performance you have recently seen at the theatre. Your review should briefly describe the performance and should comment on its strengths and weaknesses. You should also give your opinion on how good a venue the particular theatre where you saw the performance is.

16. Reviews wanted
Send us a review of a book or film that focuses on somebody who has made an important contribution to society.
Did you learn anything about the person’s life from the book or film? Did the book or film help you understand why this person made their important contribution?

17. Send us a review of a film, programme, or book that focuses on a person of historical significance.
What aspects of the person’s life and achievements are explored in the film, programme or book? For what reasons would you recommend it to others?

Film, Events

18. On the grounds of City Hall every Friday this summer we will screen a film free of charge. We would like you to suggest suitable titles, but we specifically want films that are socially relevant today. The screenings will begin at 9.00 p. m. each Friday. Please send us your review of a film that you think would be suitable, giving reasons for your choice.

19. You regularly look at a website that is devoted to reviewing films. You feel that it does not contain enough films produced in your country. Write a review of a film from your country, commenting on whether you feel it is typical of films from your country and explaining why you think it would be of interest to an International audience.

20. Your college website welcomes film reviews from students. You decide to write a review of a science fiction film. In your review, you should briefly describe the film, and consider whether other students would enjoy it. You should also explain how it differs from other popular science fiction films.

21. An international college magazine has asked for review of television documentaries. You decide to write a review of a documentary you have seen on learning languages.
Your review should explain what you found out about different ways of learning languages and evaluate how interesting the documentary was.

22. An English magazine is looking at television talent shows around the world. You decided to write a review of a television talent show in your country. In your review, explain what happens on the show and evaluate whether it provides positive role models for young people.

23. A website that specialises in film reviews has asked you to write a review of the film version of a book you have read, comparing the films to the book. You should comment on the portrayals of the character, the developments of the main themes, and whether you think the film is as good as the book or not. Give reasons for your opinion.

24. You are a regular contributor to an online magazine called ‘Film Scene’. You have been asked to write a review of two films which you saw recently, and of which most people had great expectations. You enjoyed one of the films, but found the other one very disappointing.

25. Your student magazine has asked you to write a review of the latest film in a popular series. Say what is good and bad about the film, and whether it lives up to the earlier films in the series.



26. Some music festivals provide great entertainment for the whole family, while others are aimed at particular groups of people. We’re looking for reviews from you, our readers, about a music festival you’ve been to.
Tell us how memorable you think the festival was for its audience and make suggestions for how it could be improved in future. We’ll publish the best reviews on our website.

27. The music section of a national newspaper has announced a competition, and is inviting customers to write a review of a live concert they have been to. Reviews must mention aspects of the concert they enjoyed, and also ones they found disappointing. You have decided to enter the competition, and write about a concert you have been to recently.

28. We are looking for reviews of the best and the worst music video you have ever seen. Write us a review, briefly describing these two videos, explain why you think they are particularly good and particularly bad and comment on how you think music videos are for fans.

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