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Про рецензию и другие типы текстов в FCE Writing я написала в обзорном посте. Здесь я привожу более 20 заданий, которые основаны на материалах из сборников:
Cambridge English: First (Past Papers) 1-3
First Trainer 1-2
Exam Essentials Practice Tests 1. 

Эти задания я использую на своих занятиях и для моих подписчиков на Boosty, которые готовятся самостоятельно. 

Объем текста — примерно 140-190 слов, но можно и больше, если время позволяет и смысл не размазывается.
Задания поделены на группы:

  1. фильмы, сериалы
  2. книги, выставки, концерты
  3. рестораны, магазины
  4. путешествия
  5. технологии.

Фильмы, сериалы

1. You recently saw this notice on an English-language website called TV Gold:
Reviews wanted!
A TV documentary I learnt a lot from.
Have you seen an interesting TV documentary recently that you learnt a lot from? Write us a review of the documentary. You should exam plain what the documentary was about, tell us what you learnt from it and say whether other people would find it interesting too.
2. You recently saw this notice on an English-language website called TV Watch:
Review wanted!
TV series
Is there a TV series you watch regularly?
Write a review of the series explaining what it is about, why you like it and who you would recommend it to.
3. This is part of an email you receive from a friend in Canada.
I’m doing a project about how films can help people to learn about history. Could you tell me about a film which helped you understand a particular time or event in history? What made the film an effective way to learn?
4. You see this notice in a popular English-language magazine called Cinema News: have you seen any good films lately? If you have, write a review for our magazine! Include information on the plot and the character, and say why you think it is worth seeing.
5. You see this notice on an English-language website:
Reviews wanted
Comedy TV Series
Write us a review of a TV series that makes people laugh. Your review should include information about the storyline and the characters. Why do people think this TV series is funny? What do you think about the series?
6. You recently saw the notice in an English-language magazine called TV News:
Send us your review of the best or worst TV programme you have seen this year. Include information on what the programme was about and say what made the programme so good/ bad. Do you think another programme should be made on the same theme?
7. You recently saw this notice in an English-language magazine called Young Film Critic:
Films can rely too much on special effects instead of a good story or good acting. Write a review of a film that used many special effects. How good or bad was the film? Did it rely heavily on special effects?
8. You recently saw a film about a famous historical event in your country. Write a review of the filmgoer your college magazine. Include information about the story, the characters and costumes, and say whether the film was historically accurate.
9. You see an announcement on an English-language website.
Film reviews wanted
Which film have you seen in which something totally unexpected happened? Write review of the film, describing what happened and why it was sos unexpected. Say whether you think other people would enjoy watching the film, too.

Книги, выставки, концерты

10. You recently saw this notice on an English-language website called Book World.
Review wanted!
The best thriller I have ever read!
Have you read a thriller recently that you think other readers would enjoy?
Write us a review of the book. You should include information on:
-what it’s about
-why it’s exciting
-who you would recommend it to.
11. You have seen this notice in an English online magazine:
Review wanted
Interesting Exhibitions
Have you been to an interesting exhibition recently? It could have been about art, photography, science or another subject.Write us a review:
-describing the exhibition
-explaining why you found it interesting
-saying which people you would recommend it to.
12. You recently saw this notice on an English-language website called Music Live.
Write us a review of a concert you’ve been to. It could be a pop, rock or classical concert, or one with a different type of music. Include information on the music, the place and atmosphere.

Рестораны, магазины

13. You see this notice in an English-language website called Restaurant World:
Reviews wanted
A Wonder Meal
Write us a review of a restaurant where you had a wonderful meal. Tell us what the restaurant was like, describe what you ate and explain why it was so good.
14.A new shop has recently been opened in your are and your English teacher has asked you to write a review of it for the college English-language magazine. Describe the shop, what it sells and give your opinion of the staff in the shop. Would you recommend this shop to other people your age?
15. Your town’s English-language website plans to publish review of restaurant in your town.
Tell us about your favourite restaurant.
Describe the atmosphere and explain what kind of customer would or wouldn’t enjoy going there.
16. You see this announcement in the English-language magazine of your college.
Restaurant reviews wanted
Classes sometimes like to celebrate special occasions by going out for a meal together. Write a review of a suitable restaurant that you like. Describe the atmosphere and the food, and explain why you think your class would enjoy being there.


17. You have seen this notice in an online magazine:
Reviews wanted
Sports Holidays
We’re looking for reviews of organised holidays where people can practise sports.
Write a review on the holiday, including information about the place, the sports, and how well organised the holiday was.
18. You see this announcement in a travel magazine.
Reviews of holiday resorts wanted
Write a review of a holiday resort you have stayed at. Describe the resort, saying what you enjoyed and did not enjoy about your stay there. Tell us whether you would recommend the resort to other people.


19. An online magazine regularly publishes review written by consumers.
Write a review of an electrical device that you bought recently. Outline its strengths and weaknesses, and value for money, with reasons.
21. You see this announcement in a lifestyle magazine.
Reviews of electronic devices wanted.
Which electronic device have you used recently?
Write a review of it describing the device, explaining how to use it and saying where it is good value for money.
22. You have recently used a good website where you can download music. Write a review of the website for your student magazine. Include information about how the website is better than other of its type, and say what the special features of the website are. Say who you would recommend the website to.

Фото — Pixabay.

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