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Письмо-заявка на работу — самый распространенный тип официальных писем в письменной части FCE  /Cambridge B2 First.

В этом посте я сделала две части. В первой смотрите образец на высший балл Pass A (17 из 20 баллов) с комментариями по каждому критерию. Во второй части — задания, которые основаны на сборниках Cambridge 1-4, First Trainers 1-2, Handbook for Teachers. Как и предыдущие статьи с заданиями — эссе (essay), рецензия (review), отчет (report).

Задание и пример текста на Pass A

Задание и пример  — из сборника тестов ‘Cambridge English. First 2’.


You see this advertisement in your local newspaper:
Helpers wanted

We are looking for people to work in a holiday club for English-speaking children (aged 4–8).
Write a letter to Mr Nick Jones, the club organizer, giving details of:
• your experience of working with children
• your knowledge of English
• why you would be suitable for the job.

Write your letter of application.

Текст по заданию и оценки

Все ошибки и описки сохранены:

Dear Mr. Nick Jones,

I had been searching for a job when i discovered the advertisment in the local newpaper, in which you were offering a post at your holiday club.

I am an eighteen year-old student at King’s College and I have a part-time job at the local library, as an assistant. In the last three years, I have been attending English courses and I have achieved a high score at an exam involving the language.

Since I started highschool, I have always enjoyed helping children in need. I was usually participating in children’s parties as a helper, but I was also caring for the one’s in the street by giving them food and by giving advice whenever they needed it.

I love children and I do my best to make them happy. I am comunicative, hard- working and patient.

In the end, I think I will manage with the challenges this job may offer. I inclose my curriculum vitae and a photography. I am looking forward to your reply!

yours sincerely,
Stefan Pasoi



Content — 5. All content is relevant to the task and the target reader would be fully informed. The reader learns in detail about the writer’s experience of working with children and their knowledge of English.

Communicative Achievement — 4. The conventions of formal letters of application are used generally effectively to communicate straightforward ideas. The tone is consistently formal and ideas are expressed clearly and persuasively to hold the target reader’s attention throughout. Greater control and range of key language of letters of application, for example closing statements and greetings, would improve the overall effect on the reader.

Organisation — 4. The text is well organised and coherent, making effective use of a variety of cohesive devices to introduce and connect ideas. There are good examples of internal cohesion, particularly in the third paragraph. Paragraphing is used effectively to present each key point.

Language — 4. There is a range of topic-specific vocabulary which is generally used well (an exam involving the language; helping children in need; as a helper) and a range of simple and some more complex grammatical forms is used with a good degree of control. There are some errors, for example the inappropriate use of the exclamation mark, with spelling and the choice of past tense, but these do not impede communication.

Еще задания для тренировки letter of application

1. You see this advertisement in a travel magazine:
Wanted: Walking guides

We are looking for people to take tourist groups walking in your area. You should:

  • have a broad knowledge of the countryside in your area
  • have experience of walking g 15+ kms a day
  • be a good communicator in English.

To apply, write to the project organiser, Ms Sally Morley, explaining why you are suitable for the job.

2. You see this announcement on an English-language website.
Free photography course in New York!

Ten lucky people can attend a four-week photography course in New York for free, including accommodation and food!
We are looking for people with an interest in photography, but beginners are welcome.
Write to Mr Harvey Green, explaining why you should be offered a place.

3. Your see this advertisement in your local English-language newspaper.

Shop assistant wanted for summer work

We require shop assistants to work with English-speaking customers in our deportment stores this summers. Positions area viable in the following departments:

  • fashion
  • music
  • electronic equipment

Write to Emma Murphy at Holiday Stores saying which department interests you and why, explain why you would be suitable for the job.

4. You have seen this advertisement in your local English language newspaper.

Round the world trip — Travel Competition

Do you like adventure? Would you like a chance to travel?
We need one more person to join a small group on a trip around the world.
Write to Mrs Hopkins, the organizer of the trip, telling her:

  • why you would like to go on the trip
  • what skills you have which would be useful on the trip
  • what previous experience you have of travelling (if any).

Write your letter of application.


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